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Signia/Siemens Hearing Aid


Explore a wide range of Digital Hearing Aids from Signia. Be Brilliant with World’s #1 hearing Aid company.

Signia/Siemens Hearing Aid

Signia, a German company, headquartered in Singapore is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hearing aids. Signia dedicated to challenging new ways and the newest solutions to help wearers.

With Signia latest hearing innovations, Signia AX platform, and a family with Signia Styletto, Signia Charge & Go, Signia Cross, Signia x, and Signia Primax, always hear what matters with ease.

Signia Motion X- Rechargeable BTE Hearing aids.

The Signia Power Range rewrites the rulebook on what people with severe to profound hearing loss can now use the hearing aid on a single charge with upto 61 hours of use. Signia Xperience hearing aids with the world’s first acoustic-motion sensors offer a way to experience the crystal-clear level of hearing and stay fully involved in life.

Signia Motion X hearing aids come with Li-ion charging with binaural capabilities to ensure the best possible listening performance, most natural own voice, and best speech understanding in noise. Signia Motion X is a high-tech BTE hearing aid, and is dust-free, water-resistance, and are easy to maintain. Available in 3 performance levels according to your hearing loss. Consult with our audiologist today and get a free hearing aid trial.

Signia Pure Charge&Go AX Hearing Aids

Signia Styletto X Series

Signia Active Pro X

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